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What is HR Hacking ?

Hacking is not a negative word anymore. Today - according to the "Hacker Way" - Hacking means "Building something quickly", "Testing boundaries of what can be done" and "Finding clever shortcuts to make a faster, easier and more efficient system".

  • Implementing quickly
  • Testing boundaries
  • Finding clever shortcuts

HR Hacking helps your company to grow through cost reduction, Business development and a search for effectiveness.


HR Hacking is a combination of Lean Startup (with HR helping its company to learn and pivot faster than competitors), Growth Hacking (with HR goals supporting sales development with their knowledge of Behavioural & Neuro Economics)  and what we call “Trendability” (capacity of a company to find, sort and assimilate relevant trends) through the use of measurable and scalable methodologies, driven by products, focused on clients and centred around Employees.


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HR Hacking makes HR Fast, Simple and Profitable

We are HR Hackers

We are an international team of creatives and iconoclastic entrepreneurs and consultants, emerging from the startup culture and working together to make HR fast, simple, profitable and…cool. We are a new breed of HR professionals, taking pride in seeing HR as a Business Creator and delivering only the best.

We Help HR to move from “Business contributor” to “business creator”

What we do

HR Hacking objectives are to make HR Profitable and Cool with fast and simple tools & methods coming from the Hacking way and Startup Culture. We help HR Services to move from “Business Partner” to “Business creator”. Our methodology mix 4 components :


Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics are speeding change, learning & creativity.

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Data & Analytics

Transforming HR from spectator to business creator and making HR Managers sales oriented.

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Trends & Innovation

HR are taking charge of trend spotting and innovation, in order to create new business opportunities.

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Leverage all the game’s competition elements to transforme the HR operating model.

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HR Hacking = Neuroeconomy + Metrics + Innovation + Gamification


From 2 hours to 2 days let's work together finding a way to make your HR process faster, simpler, more profitable and cooler !

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