How to involve HR in growth

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How to develop the overall business engagement in all HR processes :

Cost reduction

Business development

Attractivity  Replacing Communication investment in Employer Branding by “Employee Word of Mouth”  Creating branded talent communities to improve your brand awareness and serve sales development
Recruitment  Focusing on the right questions, decreasing interview time to maximize engagement  Using Neuroscience and NeuroMarketing in sales pitches
Learning & Development  Increasing the amount of information to be learnt while decreasing time needed to study  Gaining a competitive advantage in learning faster than your competition
Leadership  Moving your attention from Management/Leadership to Induction  Using Management Innovation that is based on trust, collaboration, choice to improve Customer relations and sales
Retention  Improving time of tenure with an great Work Experience  Improving trust of your clients in your company as your employees stay longer and have more time develop a closer relationship with your customers
Culture  Implementing HR Culture oriented clients  Improving your company image with a culture of ideas and results
Trends Hunting  Creating systems to spot trends more quickly  Open up new markets after identifying and  using new trends


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