The HR Hacker Way

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The “HR Hacker Way” is based what are the most noble values of the “Hacker Way” as described by Mark Zuckerberg. It is an approach cumulating in a disruptive vision, a base for continuous learning & improvement and a method of iterative implementation. Hackers challenge systems and test the boundaries of what can be done. To this we add continuous measurement of the impact our hacks have on your business results.
Hackers think their work is never finished. They have the capacity to always question what they have done and look for a better, faster and more efficient way to make it. Not because they have to, but because it may be challenging to start over and create something even better, faster, cleaner, cooler and more efficient.
The HR-Hacker Way is based on 6 values from the “Hacker Way” :
Simplicity : No more complicated HR management tools that only HR or Lawyers can understand. No more Workforce planning or Learning & Development programmes where no one can understand the big picture. To the contrary, each action implemented, each ratio used, each process proposed has to be easy to be understand and capable of being used by anyone.
Speed : HR Hackers design and experiment with a process of Defect-Correction Iteration. Their correct their process and action quickly according to the “Lean Start-Up” practices. Going (reasonably) fast allow them to identify and overcome obstacles earlier and learn faster, to stay ahead of the talent and sales competition.
Efficiency : Everything must be measured in term of efficiency. The question they can’t stop asking to themselves is : “Is this making the lives of my company, colleagues and clients better ?” 
Courage : Changing things means taking some calculated risks. Hackers regard doing nothing as too important a risk. They know that if they don’t take certain risks, their competitors certainly will do at some point. In a world evolving at warp-speed, they know that the first ones to make a system scalable are the one who will win.
Measurability : The HR Hacker must to be able to justify the effects of any actions in term of learning acquired, skills developed, notoriety earned, authority proven or benefits gained. It does not refer to “Vanity Metrics” i.e. the turnover rate or percentage of day spent in training per employee ! HR Hacking is not about making HR as “Business Partner” or “Business Contributor” but making HR “Business Creator”.
Openness : HR hacking culture is open. A good idea can come from anywhere in the organisation and sharing ideas can help to make them even better. 

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