What is HR Hacking ?

Hacking is not a negative word anymore. Today - according to the "Hacker Way" - Hacking means "Building something quickly", "Testing boundaries of what can be done" and "Finding clever shortcuts to make a faster, easier and more efficient system".

  • Implementing quickly
  • Testing boundaries
  • Finding clever shortcuts

HR Hacking helps your company to grow through cost reduction, Business development and a search for effectiveness.


HR Hacking is a combination of Lean Startup (with HR helping its company to learn and pivot faster than competitors), Growth Hacking (with HR goals supporting sales development with their knowledge of Behavioural & Neuro Economics)  and what we call “Trendability” (capacity of a company to find, sort and assimilate relevant trends) through the use of measurable and scalable methodologies, driven by products, focused on clients and centred around Employees.


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