Data & Analytics


HR Hackers take shortcut to go faster and make things simpler. But not any old shortcuts ! Shortcuts we can effectively measure. Numbers are second nature to us. But not any old numbers! Number reporting on the performance of HR processes AND numbers giving the ROI (return on investment) for each hacked process in the business results. No More HR metrics but Sales, Marketing and Financial Metrics with simplistic visualisation in mind.


We made sales our first priority as we felt it was time for HR to join the sales force in the trenches and help them get a feel for what HR is supposed to do best : Understand human beings, their needs, their expectations and their limits.


When looking for numbers and analytics you can’t avoid working on your Big and Small data.  Big data is characterized by massive data sets and a quest for statistical significance (data on click-through rates, fall-out percentages and demographics), Small data is exactly the opposite : tiny data sets and the quest for anecdotal evidence (completing your application process and making observations about simplicity, time and engagement).


The same thing applies to Metrics and Data (big or small) which are closely tied to Neuro-Economics, and moreover to Behavioural Economics.