We use insights from Neuroeconomy to improve the efficiency of every HR Process. Designing products and services that change behaviour, reduce learning times and increase creativity doesn’t have to be hard. Incorporating insights from Neuroscience & Behavioral Economics at every stage of our process can yield amazing results. At HR Hacker, we also help increase your marketing reach and sales. We improve product adoption, increase add ictive usage and build teams that love what they do.


The secret blend is based on 20 principles, allowing you to understand how your employees make choices, how trainees learn and how customers make buying decisions.  From that point forward, we can challenge, then hack, your systems to design improved versions that facilitate choice, learning and decisions. The studies (and not techniques) we use are proven to increase candidate conversion rates, build more creative teams, improve employee and customer retention and overall help users modify their sometimes ‘hard-to-change’ behaviour.


HR Hacking will make your HR department become the champions of change and the masters of Behavioural Economics. You will then be able to assist your sales department to rethink how their products and services are positioned and designed in order to make a better impact in the marketplace.