Trends & Innovation


HR Hackers are not only focused on the present. They also keep an eye on the future. One of their jobs is to help HR to become an experimental laboratory where trends & innovations are identified and understood before being incorporated by the organisation. In a way they are developing a culture of curiosity, enabling businesses to adapt quickly to trends that are considered important to their particular business.

The capacity to identify and adapt to new trends and opportunities is called “Trendability“. This ability is getting more and more important as the rate of change, the pace of commerce and the viral dissemination of innovations are gaining momentum.

HR Hackers donot focus solely on HR Trends, they also take the lead – at least in the beginning – of specific groups and communities that have an interest in Trend Spotting (Group Trends) and in what they call “Black Teams”,whose  main purpose is to find alternate business models.  By doing so, HR Hacking spreads innovation throughout the organisation.